If your home has a drain issue, grab the phone and dial 610-683-7364 to receive fast service from Moyer Total Indoor Comfort! We’re a trusted plumbing contractor serving Berks and Lehigh Counties in eastern Pennsylvania, and we have a reputation for fast, quality work. We do right by our customers, and our dedication to exceptional service affects every area of our company!

Are you standing over the sink while brushing your teeth, waiting for it to drain? Maybe each shower ends up with a lake at the bottom of the shower? Waiting on a slow drain is just a pain. And if that drain completely backs up… well, you’ll then realize how much you depend on it. We clean and unclog any indoor our outdoor drain. We use cable snakes as well as high pressure jetting machines to open it properly. We can even do a visual inspection with our sewer camera. We are a Kutztown based plumbing company that serves Berks and Lehigh Counties, who are trained and experienced, and we do the job right. You will notice our commitment to customer satisfaction – we’re not done until the job is done right!

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