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Indoor Air Quality


Breathe Easy In Your Kutztown, PA Home With Our Indoor Air Quality Services

Take a deep breath. Pause. Let it out slowly. Now ask yourself - do you have any idea what you just inhaled? Ideally, it was a very specific mix of nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, and a few other gases we call "air." But more often than not, it also includes any number of allergens, pollutants, infectious agents, or other nastiness we'd rather not have in our bodies. That's why it's important to think about your home's indoor air quality. Depending on which piece of research you read, the air in our home can be anywhere from five to one hundred times as polluted as the air outdoors, and we likely breathe more of it every day than anything else. But before you panic, remember - your friends here at Moyer Total Indoor Comfort are here for you. We offer an array of indoor air quality products that filter your air, zap unwanted bugs, and keep your home's climate comfortable year-round.

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Why Is Indoor Air Quality So Important?

Put simply, every breath you take can have an impact on your health. Since we spend so much time in our homes, we have to be aware of what we're breathing in and take steps to limit the problems floating about in our air. Here are some of the problems, both physical and environmental, that poor indoor air quality can cause:

  • Dry eyes, nose, throat or skin
  • Headaches and sinus irritation
  • Fatigue
  • More intense allergies or asthma
  • Coughing and sneezing
  • Dizziness or nausea
  • Excessive mold growth
  • Increased static electricity
  • More dust than usual
  • Stuffy or musty odors

What Are The Best Ways To Improve Indoor Air Quality?

Here are 10 simple steps you can take to tackle poor indoor air quality:

  1. Schedule an indoor air quality with our professionals so we can evaluate your air and help you develop a plan.
  2. Clean regularly to reduce dust and accompanying dust mites, which can worsen allergies and asthma.
  3. Keep your home free of secondhand smoke, as it contains some of the worst chemicals you can breathe in.
  4. Get a whole home filtration system to help remove odors instead of hiding them with air fresheners, which themselves can have undesirable chemicals.
  5. Vent gas-burning appliances outdoors to carry their exhaust away.
  6. Use a humidifier or dehumidifier to control the relative humidity in your home.
  7. Test your home for radon, a radioactive gas that can come in from the soil underneath your home.
  8. Install a ventilation system to ensure you're always bringing in fresh outside air.
  9. Use natural cleaning and painting products that have low or no VOCs (volatile organic chemicals).
  10. Place carbon monoxide detectors near bedrooms to alert you if there's an issue.

What Indoor Air Quality Services Do You Offer?

We want to make sure we can help you with any indoor air quality issue you face, so we offer:

Air Filtration

Powerful filtration units that clean the air as it is pulled into your home, removing harmful contaminants and providing nice, fresh, breathable air.

UV Lights

Reme Halo units use potent ultraviolet light to zap infectious agents to deactivate or destroy them before they get inside.

Humidifiers & Dehumidifiers

Maintaining a proper humidity level in your home is vital not only to your comfort but can also help protect your home from water damage and mold.


Ventilation systems continually exchange the air in your home for fresh air outside, helping to reduce the amount of indoor pollution you're dealing with.

How can I improve my home's indoor air quality?

Improving your home's indoor air quality starts with four basic strategies:

  • Poor indoor air quality leaves your home full of air pollutants floating around. So, to enhance IAQ, the first step is to get rid of as many pollutants as possible. You can easily do this by cleaning and vacuuming at least one time during the week, frequently washing linens, and storing cleaning products safely.
  • Proper insulation is ideal for keeping your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer, but it also makes it difficult for airborne pollutants to escape. We offer products that help swap stale air for fresh, filtered outside air.
  • Good ventilation and routine cleaning are a start, but air filters, germicidal lights, and purification systems take your IAQ to the next level by capturing microscopic particles, killing germs, and eliminating particles while destroying chemical vapors.
  • Programmable thermostats will help control the humidity levels and temperature to help stop particles and germs from building up while also keeping your home comfortable.
How do I know which indoor air quality product will work best for my home?

We recommend that you meet with one of the professionals at Moyer Total Indoor Comfort and have them assess your home and current indoor comfort system. We can help you choose which equipment will be best suited to meet your needs.

Take Charge Of Your Indoor Air Quality Today!

Are you ready for your next breath to be the freshest you've ever had? We can help make it happen. Our professionals will bring their decades of experience to bear to determine which pollutants are having the greatest impact on your home and then deliver solutions that will provide clean, crisp air for you and your family. Connect with us online or call 484-646-3363 today!

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