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Plumbing Services


Professional Plumbing Services For Your Kutztown, PA Home

Plumbing issues aren't just a hassle. They can also result in higher utility bills and potentially catastrophic damage to your home. When you need skilled plumbing services here in Berks County and Lehigh County, there's no one else you need to call - Moyer Total Indoor Comfort is here for you. We have over 100 years of experience in the business, and our experts are fully trained with the latest and greatest tech and techniques to tackle any plumbing issue you face. We show up with well-stocked trucks and a commitment to excellence so we can get the job done quickly, correctly, and efficiently.

Plumbing Fittings With Wrench

How Do I Know I Need A Plumber?

Sometimes, a plumbing problem is obvious - like water gushing out of every faucet or drain and flooding your home. Hopefully, things will never get that far, but here are some less obvious but no less vital signs that you need to call in a professional plumber:

  • Broken Pipes - This one's pretty clear - a broken pipe can leak water throughout your home, which can cause considerable water damage if it's not handled quickly.
  • High Water Bills - A sudden increase in your water usage is usually a sign that you've got a leak somewhere that is forcing you to pay for more water than you're using.
  • Mold Growth - If you notice mold growing on your walls, ceiling, or floor, there's water nearby - mold loves a wet environment and it can quickly damage your home and your health.
  • Decaying Structure - If there's water leaking in your walls or floors, you'll notice cracking, sagging, or stains. Once you spot them, you know there's a problem, so call in help immediately.
  • The Smell Of Mildew - When there's sitting water in a room, it can start to smell like mildew after a while. This water could come from a leak.
  • Backflow - When your sewer backs up and sewage comes gurgling out of your equipment, call us immediately - this can be a serious health hazard and needs to be addressed.
  • Low Water Pressure - Clogs, leaks, and other failures can lead to a drop in water pressure, a sure sign that something is amiss.
  • Not Enough Hot Water - If your water heater is failing, it may not be able to keep up with your family's demands and you could find yourself on the wrong end of a cold shower.
  • Slow Drains - It's the telltale sign of a clog - if the water won't go down the drain, there's definitely something in there preventing it.
  • Toilet Always Running - A malfunctioning toilet that keeps running can wreak havoc on your water bill.
  • Discolored Water - Water should be clean and clear - not rusty or dingy. If you've got anything other than pristine water coming out of your faucets, call in a pro.
  • Odd Noises - Your plumbing should work quietly in the background - not banging all through your house. If your pipes are noisy, get them checked out.

What Other Plumbing Services Do You Offer?

In addition to repair, repiping, and other standard services, we offer:

Water Heater Repair & Installation

Whether you're working with a traditional model or an advanced tankless unit, we can help you get it fixed or, if you need a replacement, help you select the perfect upgrade.

Drain Cleaning

Clogged drains can lead to leaks, burst pipes, and other serious damage if they're left unaddressed. Our professionals can make your drains as clean and effective as the day they were installed.

Water Quality Services

Everyone deserves clean, crisp water, period. There are a number of factors that can impact the quality of your water before it gets to your home, but our advanced water filtration technology can ensure it's ready by the time it hits your lips.

Laundry Pro

A revolutionary new laundry system that cleans your clothes without hot water or detergent, Laundry Pro is an upgrade everyone should add to their home.

Enjoy Plumbing Made Easy

Avoid the stress, the headaches, and the frustration of misbehaving household plumbing. Your friends here at Moyer Total Indoor Comfort bring over 100 years of experience to solve your toughest plumbing problems. If you suspect you've got something amiss with your setup, don't hesitate - send us a message online or call 484-646-3363 today!

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