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Ensure your drinking water is clean and safe with the help of a Berks County water filtration system. Let the team at Moyer Total Indoor Comfort help you choose a system that's right for you. Call (484) 604-2122 to find out more about these convenient devices. Save on your next call by accessing our current deals and promotions.

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With a water filtration system in place, you will never have to worry about the negative effects of microscopic minerals or bacteria floating around in your water. Moyer Total Indoor Comfort can help you choose a filtration device that is perfect for your individual water needs, giving you peace of mind and fresh, clean water to use daily.

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What Types of Units are Available?

Many different types of water filtration units serve different purposes for different types of homeowners.

Here are the most popular devices:

  • Carbon Filters: This type of device uses a filter comprised of multiple layers of active charcoal. As water passes through the filter, it catches any dirt, debris or bacteria, leaving your water tasting crisp and fresh while also being safe to use for numerous household chores
  • Water Softeners: This is a water filtration device that utilizes a separate tank filled with salts to neutralize harmful minerals such as calcium and magnesium that are sometimes found in water. The sodium ions bind to the other minerals, softening your water and making it safe for appliances as well as drinking and washing
  • Reverse Osmosis: As water passes through the reverse osmosis membrane, the bacteria and other impurities are trapped, making your water safe to drink and use for cooking, washing and more

What are the Benefits?

Homeowners can enjoy many benefits of installing a Berks County water filtration system in their home, including, but not limited to:

  • Savings: Do you regularly buy bottled water out of fear of the quality of your home’s water supply? With a new water filtration system in place you can enjoy water straight from the tap and find yourself saving on bottled water
  • Protection from Diseases: Filtration systems trap dirt, bacteria and other impurities found in your water, meaning your family is protected from illness and other diseases found in impure water
  • Peace of Mind: With these units, you will be able to use your water without worrying about bacteria or other impurities

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Contact us at (484) 604-2122 today and protect your family with our expert water filtration system installation services. Our expert plumbing technicians in Berks and Lehigh Counties can help you choose a system that is best for you and your household.

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