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Don’t head into winter without making sure your heater is working at top efficiency. Moyer Total Indoor Comfort offers the most comprehensive and thorough heater repairs and maintenance services in Berks County and the surrounding areas.

When you call Moyer Total Indoor Comfort to perform Berks County heater repair or maintenance services, you are investing in over 100 years of experience. Since the beginning, our main goal has been to completely satisfy customers with our expert service and trusted advice.

Benefits of Working with Moyer Total Indoor Comfort

  • Risk-Free, Upfront Pricing
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  • 24-Hour Emergency Services
  • Written Warranties on All Services
  • Licensed and Trained Technicians

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Is your heater working efficiently? Prepare for the winter ahead and save money with heater repair and maintenance by Moyer Total Indoor Comfort. Call (610) 510-2339 and schedule your next service today. Save on your next home heating project when you click here to access our current deals and promotions.

Common Heater Problems

A well-maintained heater will last about 20 years. In that time, it’s normal to experience a few minor repairs and adjustments.

Minor Repairs:

  • Air Filters: Your air filters need to be replaced at least twice per year to ensure that the unit has a constant flow of fresh, clean air.
  • Thermostat: If the unit turns on and off without actually changing the temperature, there is likely a thermostat issue at hand.
  • Mechanical Failures: Other components can also fail in the heater, including fan belts, blower motors, and other electrical parts.

If your heater is making strange noises, or not working at its peak efficiency, call Moyer Total Indoor Comfort right away to troubleshoot the problem and repair it before you suffer a complete disruption of service.

Ways to Save on Heating Costs

Looking to save on heating costs and limit the amount of money spent each month on energy bills or heater repairs? Everything boils down to efficiency. Whether you have a newer system or your heater is more than a few years old, there are plenty of things you can do to get the most out of your heater.

Here are some tips to keep costs down:

  • Investing in regular maintenance to ensure your heater is running efficiently year-round. Regular maintenance will also prevent unexpected breakdowns and keep your system working longer.
  • Change the air filters on a regular basis to keep a constant flow of air through the system.
  • If the unit is frequently breaking down or needing constant repairs, consider timely replacement. This will help you save more money in the long run.

Don't depend on an unreliable heater. Keep your family warm and comfortable this winter with our expert heater repairs in Berks County and Lehigh County. Contact us at (610) 510-2339 right now and schedule an appointment with one of our specialists.

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