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A boiler works by providing a constant supply of heat and hot water to your home. These units are efficient and cost-effective, with some boilers lasting up to 50 years. At Moyer Total Indoor Comfort, we work hard to ensure your boiler is working safely and efficiently. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority, so if your boiler is in need of a minor repair or a full replacement, we have you covered.

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Trust your boiler repair and installation services to Moyer Total Indoor Comfort. We have over 100 years of experience. Call (610) 510-2339 today and schedule an appointment with one of our technicians. Save on your next call with our latest promotions and special offers.

Moyer Total Indoor Comfort Can Help With All Your Boiler Needs

With over 100 years of experience, we know what homeowners need to operate safe and efficient heating units.

We are so committed to customer satisfaction that we also add these valuable features to each service call:

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Signs that Boiler Repair is Needed

If there were ever an upside to needing boiler repair, it’s the fact that the signs indicating repair are often obvious.

Here are some of the most common signs that your boiler may need repair:

  • Continually turning on and off: This indicates an issue with the thermostat, as the thermostat controls the boiler
  • Kettling: Often described as a low, rumbling sound inside the unit, kettling is the result of limescale buildup in the system
  • Whistling or gurgling: Hearing strange noises coming from the unit usually points to air bubbles or low water levels in the unit
  • Cold radiators: If the radiators are failing to heat, there is probably a corroded pipe that needs to be replaced in the system
  • No hot water: Mechanical failure such as broken airlocks, valves or thermostat problems will cause the boiler to stop producing hot water

If your boiler is behaving strangely in any way, it’s best to have it looked at by a professional.

When to Replace Your Boiler

Although boilers may last a long time in your home, there are certain instances when replacing it is the better option. If you are noticing rising heating costs, it could be a sign that your unit is losing efficiency. Replacing the unit at this time will save you money in the long run. Another reason to replace the boiler rather than repair it is if the unit has required frequent repairs in a short period of time. Replacing it with a new, modern unit will save repair costs.

    Keep your boiler in excellent working condition with regular repairs and maintenance. For boiler repair in Berks County or Lehigh County, contact us at (610) 510-2339 and schedule an appointment with one of our technicians today.

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