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Moyer Total Indoor Comfort has been providing indoor home comfort services to the area for over 100 years! With a business that spans more than four generations, we know what homeowners in the area need to be comfortable all year long. Our number one priority is ensuring complete customer satisfaction. By providing expert maintenance and comprehensive AC repair in Berks County and the surrounding areas, we can save our customers money and ensure their units are working safely and efficiently.

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Trust Moyer Total Indoor Comfort With Your AC Repair and Maintenance

Our number one goal is ensuring our customers' complete satisfaction. With top quality work that is thorough and comprehensive, we can ensure your AC unit is running efficiently and safely.

In addition to our expert advice and workmanship, we provide added value to our work:

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Written Warranties on All Work
  • 24-Hour Emergency Service
  • Trained, Experienced Technicians
  • Risk-Free, Upfront Pricing
  • NATE Certified

Common Signs Your AC System Needs to Be Serviced

Like any home appliance, your air conditioner needs to be regularly maintained in order to extend its lifespan and ensure its proper operation. While some air conditioning issues are obvious, others can be less easy to spot without the trained eye of a cooling professional. Keeping an eye out for common signs of AC failure can help you to identify and remedy problems early, saving you from inconvenient breakdowns and expensive major repairs.

Your air conditioner likely needs to be serviced if:

  • Airflow is weaker than it used to be
  • Your unit is constantly running but not adequately cooling your home
  • You notice strange smells coming from your AC
  • You hear grinding, squeaking, or clanging noises coming from your unit
  • Your monthly cooling costs are higher than they should be

Common Air Conditioner Problems

During the lifespan of your AC unit, it’s normal to require a few small repairs every now and then.

Here are some of the most common AC problems we repair:

  • Refrigerant Leaks: These leaks are most commonly caused by manufacturer problems or a pinched pipeline from a different repair or move. The cause of the leak must always be determined before more refrigerant is added.
  • Evaporator Coil Problems: The evaporator coil is in charge of cooling and condensing the returning air from the system. If the coil becomes contaminated, it can freeze and cause problems throughout the system.
  • Wiring and Electrical Issues: Your AC relies heavily on electrical components to work properly. If there are wiring issues, it will create noticeable problems that need professional troubleshooting.

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Are You in Need of Professional Air Filter Replacement?

One of the most important components in your air conditioner is the air filter. The filter works to capture any dust, pollen or other debris in the air that could potentially damage your AC unit and contaminate the air you breathe. An AC unit requires a constant stream of fresh, clean air to function properly, so if the air filter is clogged, your unit will strain to work properly, and problems will stem from that.

We recommend changing the filter at least twice per year. Homes with pets, smokers or allergy sufferers should consider changing it more often as their homes are more likely to have excess contaminants in the air.

Can Your Air Conditioner Be Repaired?

While some may tell you otherwise, most air conditioning issues can indeed be repaired. This does not, however, mean that repairs are always the most cost-effective option. Just like an old car, your air conditioner will one day reach a point where it will be more expensive to repair than to replace. Since air conditioners have different lifespans depending on their brand, level of maintenance, and the quality of their internal parts, it is important to consult with a professional to determine if repairs or an AC replacement is more appropriate for your situation.

    If your air conditioner is acting strange, making odd noises or simply not working properly, contact us at (610) 510-2339 and let us troubleshoot the problem. Our experienced Berks County AC repair specialists can keep your AC working efficiently for years to come.

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