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Lehigh Career Technical Institute

Moyer Total Indoor Comfort has been invited to speak to current and future students at Lehigh Career Technical Institute on Thursday, April 12th @ 1:30 pm.

It is with great pleasure that I will be speaking to the students, faculty, and administration regarding the HVAC Industry. As it has been well broadcast-ed our industry is currently experiencing a major workforce shortage. Analyst state that by the year 2022 the HVAC Industry will be experiencing a shortage of 138,000 skilled, trained workers.

The goal is to speak about the industry as a whole and the exciting opportunities these students will have moving forward.

We will discuss the following topics:

  • Where the industry is and where it is going
  • Opportunities for students
  • Understanding their worth
  • What employees are offering to new employees
  • Benefits, Education, and Salaries
  • What employers are looking for in current and future employees
  • Education grants, scholarships, and importance of additional training
  • What type of positions employers are looking to fill

I am extremely excited and grateful to have been invited to one of the top technical institutes in our area and I am looking forward to interacting with the future of our industry.