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Moyer Total Indoor Comfort Donates Reme Halo System

It is our great honor at Moyer Total Indoor Comfort to be a part of Hope for Hannah. On October 3rd, 2017 at Whitetail Golf Club, we donated the highly publicized REME Halo to Hanna and her family to assist in her battle with cancer.

The Reme Halo has been featured on Fox, CBS, Popular Science and many other news outlets for it's amazing benefits. Recently RGF has partnered with the American Cancer Society and Hope for Halo to help in Children's Cancer Research. For more information on the benefits of having a REME Halo in your home click here.

"Our team is looking forward to bringing awareness to this product and the amazing benefits it holds for all cancer patients. Our men have received extensive training with this product and highly recommend each and every homeowner have one for their home. The benefits are endless. In a cancer patients home it is very important to control the indoor air quality to reduce the risk of infection. The American Cancer Foundation found that it reduced the risk of infections by 74%. The Reme Halo kills 99% of virus, bacteria, mold as well as VOC's.(Volatile Organic Compounds)" -Gerald Kresge COO of Moyer Total Indoor Comfort

It is our pleasure to be part of this great event in helping raise money for Hanna and her family. We wish Hanna all the best as she begins battling her cancer for a second time. Our prayers are with you.

For updates on Hanna, you can visit the Hope for Hanna Facebook page here.