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A Quick List of Some Universal Plumbing Myths

myths and factsYour home plumbing system is designed to help ensure your family has access to water on demand regardless of the temperatures outside. But because of a lack of understanding among the general population on home plumbing systems, many people are spending too much money and not getting the optimal performance from their home equipment.

Our team has years of experience guiding homeowners on plumbing system performance and in this latest post, we’ll provide a quick list of some of the universal plumbing myths.

Plungers Can Fix Any Clog

While your home plungers can often help you to achieve exceptional performance from your toilets and sinks and prevent clogs, they cannot fix all problems. There are some clogs, particularly clogs that combine material with oil and other substances that only professional plumbers can remove from your system.

You might spend hours trying to resolve some clogs, which could be a waste of your time and energy. If you’re struggling with a persistent clog, or a clog that re-occurs over time, you likely need assistance from a professional plumber.

A Leaking Faucet Isn’t a Big Problemwater faucet

It might seem like a relatively minor issue. And over the short-term maybe, it is. But over the long-term, a leaking faucet can have a huge impact on your home. That’s because the leak could cause you to spend thousands of dollars more on your home water bills in the years to come.

Many homeowners face rising bills simply due to unresolved leaks in their property. By working with a professional plumber and ensuring the leak is fixed, you can mitigate many of the issues this problem brings to your home.

If Water is Still Draining, There’s no Clog

clogged pipesWhile water going down your drain is critical to optimal system performance, if only a small amount is going down, a clog could still be present in the system. A small amount of water making its way slowly down the drain could indicate a larger clog in one of the pipes in your home.

Instead of simply accepting slow drainage, you can improve the efficiency of your home plumbing by working with a professional to assess the drainage issue and ensure that all water enters the system effectively, as designed.