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Going Green: Homeowner Tips

April 22nd is coming, and that means it’s Earth Day. The day when we’re encouraged to look outside our homes, at the rest of the world. As large as it is, the environment is also delicately balanced.

We need to do what we can to ensure that it remains in good condition for the generations that come after us. You can start with some of those measures right in your own home with a few things to “green up” your plumbing.

Think About Your Carbon Footprint

carbon foot printYour carbon footprint is just a different way of thinking about how much CO2, or carbon dioxide you are putting into the atmosphere.

CO2 is a gas that helps retain heat, and the more of it that builds up in the air, the more the global warming phenomenon grows.

Try using products with lower CO2 emissions. Research companies that are committed to reducing their CO2 when they manufacture their products and reward them with your business.

Drink Filtered Water

If you prefer the safety, taste, and purity of bottled water, there’s a better alternative, and that’s having a water filter installed in your home. A water filter on the tap can protect you from things like lead in your pipe if you have an older home.

Larger filters built into your plumbing keep out arsenic and other contaminants that chlorine will miss. The best part is, you can use as much as you want for drinking and cooking, with no more bottles to recycle.

Try a Tankless Water Heaterwater drop

A traditional water heater is a big tank somewhere in your home that holds gallons of water.

It requires a hefty amount of electricity or gas to heat that stored water for use in taps and showers.

A tankless water heater gets rid of the big tank and heats the water directly in the plumbing, calling for much less energy to do so.

With the right tankless water heater and an accurate assessment of your home’s water needs, you can save up to $100 every year on your utility bills.

The best part is, aside from the energy efficiency, once the water gets hot, it never runs out!

Install Some Eco-Friendly Plumbing Fixtures

Newer plumbing fixtures do more than just provide a new look for your bathroom or kitchen. Modern designs are much more efficient about the water that is being used. They use less, and that means you pay less on your water bill.

Low flow toilets don’t flush the same gallons of water down, and you can choose the amount based on solid or liquid waste. High-efficiency showerheads can still give you high pressure if you want it, but use less water. Even water taps can use water more efficiently as long as you don’t leave them running.