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4 Tips to Help You Keep Warm This Winter

With the temperatures across Pennsylvania at this time of the year exceptionally cool, it’s important that you’re proactive in keeping your home warm.

Our experts have years of experience helping property owners safeguard the heating equipment in their homes, and in this latest post, we’ll provide our four tips for keeping your home warm this winter.

defrosting frozen pipes 1 - Commit to Pipe Maintenance

One of the reasons many homeowners experience problems with their home heating in the winter is frozen pipes.

It’s critical that you commit to pipe maintenance, and use insulating products to protect piping against the cooler temperatures. You should also ensure that all exterior hoses and hose bibs are shut off during the wintertime, to prevent colder outside moisture entering the property and causing freezing problems.

If you’re experiencing problems with slow draining plumbing or lack of water access during the wintertime, it’s important to call a maintenance specialist at your earliest convenience.

2 - Install a Programmable Thermostatthermostat

You might not notice when your home temperature begins to drop during the day. Often, we’re busy moving around throughout the day and keeping our bodies warm through exercise.

Only at night when we’re lying in bed do we then realize the temperature has dropped significantly. To mitigate a drop in temperatures in your home, install a programmable thermostat. This will also allow you to control the temperatures, so you’re not heating the home while everyone is at work during the day.

3 - Move Furniture Away from Radiators

A leading challenge for many homeowners is that they don’t achieve optimal airflow in the home. Sometimes airflow is impeded by dust or debris in their home vents. But often, the problem is related to the placement of furniture in the home.

This winter, it’s important that you move all furniture away from heating vents and radiators to allow the system to heat your home fully.

If you’re still achieving weak airflow, there could be a mechanical issue with the heater. Check with a specialist to determine if your heating system is performing according to the required standards.

4 - Increase Loft Insulation

frozen bathroom fixturesHeat lost through the roof and loft areas is one of the most common reasons for a drop in home temperatures during the wintertime. You can resolve this issue by simply adding more insulation to the loft space, to seal in the heat.

Working with a heating specialist, you can also analyze the home for leaks in the insulation, which could be allowing cool air into your home.