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How to Stop a Toilet From Running

Tired of Your Pesky Toilet Always Running?

stop your toilet from running

Plumbing problems can be extremely inconvenient, not to mention very costly. The good news is that if your trouble is a running toilet, there is an excellent chance that you can fix it quickly and easily yourself- even if you are a complete amateur.

If your toilet is running, it is likely being brought on by one of a handful of causes meaning there are some very specific diagnostics that you can run through to determine the solution. We've broken down potential causes of running toilets and what you can do to fix them.

Reasons For a Running Toilet & How to Fix it

The Fill Tube

You count on your flushing mechanism chart fill tube to make sure that the water fills correctly in the bowl after you flush. It works with the overflow tube to drain water off when the tank is too full. If the tube is broken, or if it is submerged, it isn’t going to regulate the water flow properly. You’ve got to make sure that the end is not underwater or stuck in the overflow tube. You might be able to fix the problem simply by cutting the end of the tube back. Make sure that the end is open to the air so that water can drain out. If the tube is cracked or broken, you’ve got to replace it with a new one.

The Fill Height Needs Adjustment

Another problem you could be facing is that your fill height isn’t appropriately set in your tank. Make sure that your fill valve is set on to full. Also, check the height of your float. The float is either a ballcock (usually in older toilets) or a cup float.

If you have a ballcock float, you may be able to manually bend the arm of the float to get it to the right height. For the cup float, you can adjust it by pinching the spring fasteners and moving it up or down, as needed. Both of these are easy DIY solutions.

The Flapper

The flapper is responsible for opening and closing to regulate water flow when you flush. It’s possible that the flapper is stuck open, or that it is broken or cracked. It’s also possible that the seal around the flapper could be broken. These all commonly happen with age.To check if it is the flapper, you simply press down on the piece when you flush. If the extra pressure from your fingers makes the water stop, you’ve got to fix, and/or replace the flapper.

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