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Why You Should Get a Plumbing Inspection Before Buying a New Home

A new home provides you with the opportunity to start fresh. Maybe you are leaving behind a crime-ridden neighborhood where you grew up, in pursuit of a safer community and better schools for your children. Perhaps you have always wanted a job in a particular city, and this new home is just on its outskirts. In any case, a dream has been fulfilled.

For sale sign Upon receiving the keys to the new house, you feel a sense of urgency in beginning this chapter, and you're also certain that you've earned it and deserve it.

You made a nice down payment and have adjusted your budget; you took the time to find the right house. Now, you can spend your first night there.

In the middle of the night, you wake up to use the bathroom. When you go in, you notice that the water is discolored, orwhen you try to flush, the toilet immediately starts to overflow. While some of these problems have a simple solution, others can indicate more prodigious trouble on the property.

Fortunately, these situations are just nightmares you're experiencing. You're predicting what might happen, but you haven't made an offer on a property yet.

Once you find a house in which you are genuinely interested, make sure that you obtain a plumbing inspection to prevent massive problems from arising. Once you've found the right plumbing inspection company, ensure they check the following appliances.

Check the Water Heater

water pressureImagine that you wake up on your first morning at the new house, and you're getting ready for your new job. You plan to take a warm shower to begin the day, and a cold stream is all that you can find.

In order to ensure that you aren't met with such an unpleasant surprise, you'll want to check out the water heater, how old it is and how it functions before you move in.

Test the Toilet

When you go to a friend's house, one of your biggest fears is probably that the toilet won't work after you have used it. Let this fear guide your purchase of a new home.

flushing toilet Testing out the toilet to ensure that it flushes properly is of utmost importance. If a problem exists, keep in mind that fixing it might not require a lot of work; however, you want to know in advance.

Gauge the Water Color

Another horror lies in dirty drinking water. Even if you run the water through a filter or plan to drink only bottled water, you still don't want to filter discolored water or bathe in it.

Sometimes, a fleeting reason exists for discolored water. For example, a local entity might be pumping in the area, temporarily changing the color of the water.

On the other hand, the problem can be major. For example, discolored water might indicate old pipes that are covered with rust and need to be replaced.

Check the Water Pressure

Low water pressure is an irritation. When you try to take a shower or wash the dishes, you can find that your work is virtually fruitless.water faucet

Not only is lower water pressure annoying to deal with on a regular basis, but it can also mean that you have bigger problems in the home. Finding out the source of the low water pressure is pivotal.

Unclog the Drains

Once in awhile, virtually all drains get clogged. The shower drain might have too much hair backed up in it, for example.

The hope is that the current owners would clean before they showed the house to you; therefore, if the drains aren't clean, you might want to question what else has not been adequately taken care of. More than that, though, clogged drains can indicate serious problems with the plumbing in the house. You could end up spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars to repair these types of problems.

Plumbers may need to rip holes in the wall of your new home to gain access to the pipes.

Evaluate the Sink's Foundation

When sinks get old, they can begin to rot and drop. Eventually, the pressure will cause the sink to collapse. In the early stages, you can usually perform some basic repairs to keep that situation from happening; however, as the condition progresses, you will need to replace the sink.

Depending on the location of the sink, that could be as simple as buying a new one from the local improvement store or as complicated as redoing the sink and all of the counter tops around it.

Know the Situation

Just because the house has plumbing problems does not mean that you need to completely avoid buying it. What it does mean, however, is that you need to understand fully the situation that you are stepping into.

The decision to buy this house means that you are going to have to put more money into it. Therefore, you have to assess if the sale price is fair considering the condition of the house; then, you can decide how you want to proceed with negotiations.