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Tips for Setting Up Your Home Before Vacation

If you’re planning a vacation, chances are you are currently working your way through a checklist of things that need to be done before you leave.

When it comes to setting up your home for a vacation, what’s on the list?

Emptying the garbage, calling a pet sitter? Relaxation seems to get closer and closer the more you check items off your list. But are you ignoring a vital part of home maintenance preparation?

Don’t leave home without thinking about the following tips for setting up your home before vacation:

Tip 1: Set Your Thermostat to a Lower Setting

When you’re not at home, your AC or heater doesn’t need to be running at peak operation. Since there is no one at home to be comfortable, we recommend turning your thermostat to a lower setting.

Many modern thermostats even have “vacation settings” that will keep your HVAC systems working enough to reduce humidity and prevent your pipes from bursting, but at a rate that will save you money and prevent HVAC accidents or malfunctions from occurring.

Tip 2: Change or Clean the Air Filter

Your AC requires a constant stream of fresh, clean air to operate efficiently. A dirty, contaminated AC runs the risk of breaking down, freezing or malfunctioning. We typically recommend changing your air filter at least twice a year, but if you are heading out on vacation, it’s a good idea to change it before you go.

Making sure the air filter is clean will keep your HVAC systems working efficiently while keeping your home free of outside dust, pollen, pet dander and more.

Tip 3: Disconnect Electrical and Gas Appliances

plug in outlet No one is going to be baking a cake or microwaving popcorn in your home while you’re away, so why not completely unplug these appliances and save yourself the worry.

Smaller appliances such as microwaves and toasters are easily unplugged. It takes mere moments. It’s also a good idea to unplug any gas appliances you may have to prevent gas leaks or other emergencies.

If you’re going away for longer than six weeks, it is also recommended to unplug your fridge and freezer, but make sure all the food is removed beforehand, or else you’ll come home to an even bigger problem.

To make sure you’ve got everything checked off your list, start at the top of your house and work your way down. Inspect each room individually and spare no details. Properly preparing your home for your vacation will save you stress and anxiety while potentially preventing expensive repairs and damage to your home.